Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Alumni welcomes and values anyone who works and used to work forms of Civil Society Organization in Cambodia.
Membership in Civil Society Practitioners and Professionals Alumni (CPA) supports individual and collective benefits related to social development, economic development and professional development through their peer exchange programs and joint initiatives. Click here for a list of benefits (http://xxxx/)
You can apply for membership online ( or if you’d like to apply for membership by mail, we can send you the information. Call 012 818 691. You can also download the application (http://xxxx/).

Our address is:

Cooperation Committee for Cooperation (CCC)
House #9-11, Street 476, Toul Tompoung I, Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh
P.O. Box 885
You need to pay the annual membership fee $100.00
Once you successfully submitted the membership form, you will receive an email directing you to payment method. However, you can also make a payment by calling to CPA at 012 818 691
These are benefits of CPA’s membership:

•   Get membership card
•   Access to Alumni’s services
•   Access to Alumni’s members service with special discount
•   Get regular update on Alumni’s financial statement, information and services
•   Have the right to vote for Alumni’s services and Steering Committee
•   Get financial support to set up business or to manage bankruptcy
•   Get back their accumulated membership fee up to 75% once they reach to retired age.
•   Get back remaining accumulated membership fee up to 50% to their nominated successor (s), plus financial support for funeral.
You will received email from CPA about your membership status and/or call the CPA at 012 818 691
Your membership will be effective when CPA get your membership fee and an email will be sent to you confirming about the membership.
Your membership card will arrive within 3-4 weeks after your paid date.
Email: or call the CPA at 012 818 691
Every year, you will receive an email inviting you to renew membership. Or you can call the CPA at 012 818 691.
You can claim back up to 75% of your accumulated membership fees when you reach the retired age. For more detail please see the Claim Policy
The family member can claim the benefit in case of you get dead or permanent disability (cannot earn income). Your family can claim 50% of your accumulated membership fees and financial supports for the funeral.
The CPA will be steered by the Steering Committee and the Secretariat. The role of Steering Committee is to provide strategic direction to CCC as secretariat. The financial transactions are under CCC financial management policies.
CPA will be managed and regulated by the Cooperative Committee for Cambodia (CCC)